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Acclaim for Stealing All Transmissions

Counterfire (UK) calls Stealing one of the best books of 2014.

LA Magazine deems Stealing one of the best music books of 2014.

Stealing wins a 2015 Independent Publisher Book Award in the popular culture category.

Clips, reviews, assorted media

Winter 2015

Here’s a fun interview with Michael Heaton, from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Kris Needs, long-time ally of Clash-de-camp, offered nice words on Stealing in this review for Record Collector.

Fall 2014

Mr. Ellsworth has a number of nice things to say about Stealing here (November 2014), such as, “Stealing All Transmissions is a wonder of a book. Slim, yes, but nearly every page is filled with insight and originality. It sets a high bar for the many more volumes that will undoubtedly be written about the Clash in the years ahead.”

Likewise, Ms. Shaidle found plenty of redeeming qualities in her affectionate review for PJ Media (November 2014) and noted, “Stealing All Transmissions distills one fan’s decades of wide reading, deep listening, and just plain thinking into a multi-faceted gem.” (Do be mindful of the pop-up windows!)

I had a great time talking to Rich Schur at New Books on Popular Music (October 2014).

Check out what fellow readers have to say about Stealing. (The best deal for buying Stealing, though, is through PM Press, as they offer the tablet version and paperback copy for one low price.)

Here’s a fun essay in Louder than War I penned about punk and U2’s Songs of Innocence in which I note, of course, that no one is innocent.

Winter 2013 (Stealing, mach 1): A nice review from a reputable ally.

If you have interest in securing a review copy of *Stealing,* please contact PM Press, and please note your referral from the stealingalltransmissions blog.

And, in case it’s helpful, here’s the press release.


February 23, 2016, 430pm: Friends of the Library Series, Mudd Center, Oberlin College. RD-E

October 22, 2015, 5pm: Little Building, Charles Beard Room, Emerson College.

October 20, 2015, 7pm: In conversation with John Robb, lead singer of The Membranes and publisher of Louder Than War, at My Mind’s Eye, 16010 Detroit Road, Lakewood, Ohio.

June 20, 2015, 7pm: 1234 Go! Records, Oakland, CA.

March 21, 2015, 6pm: Keynote speaker at a benefit for WIOX in Roxbury, NY.


Previous appearances 

January 22, 2015, 7pm: Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame Randal Doane Clash Oakland posterLibrary and Archives, 2809 Woodland Avenue, Cleveland.

December 5, 2014: The Woodshed, Oberlin, Ohio, with mini-set by my Clash cover band The Crooked Beat. Tracks here and here (NSFEWH–not safe for ears at work or home).

October 29, 2013: Music at the Speed of Sound, New York City / The lengthy video of this event is available here. (I think I play my greatest hits in the first 20 minutes or so.)

May 18, 2013: 7pm, Reading/Signing/Rocknroll, Visible Voice / 1023 Kenilworth Ave, Cleveland.

February 15, 2013: 7pm, Reading/Signing/Rocknroll, KGB Bar / 85 E. 4th Street  New York / (212) 505-3360.

January 5, 2013: 5pm, Reading / Signing / Rocknroll, 5pm, M-Theory Music / 915 West Washington Street  San Diego  / (619) 220-0485.

December 28, 2012: 7pm, Reading / Signing, Books Inc. /  Opera Plaza, 601 Van Ness  San Francisco / (440) 776-1111.

December 27, 2012: 6pm, Reading / Signing / Rocknroll, Beatnik Books / 309 Lincoln Street  Roseville, CA  / ( 530) 902-7917

December 6, 2012: 530pm, The Feve / 30 South Main Street  Oberlin, OH / (440) 774-1978
(books provided by MindFair).

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