about the blog

January 2017 update

Thanks for checking out stealingalltransmissions, which I put together to record a couple years’ worth of nearly weekly musings and punk and rock and culture. I started it shortly after the release of the 1st edition of Stealing All Transmissions: A Secret History of The Clash (Music Word Media, 2012), and returned to it in earnest after the 2nd edition–which is nearly double in size and smartness–came out on PM Press, in October 2014.

I am, alas, not terribly active on this blog, but I do return to it once in awhile to offer reflections on punk moments and artifacts and, most importantly, to share with future historians of punk and post-punk some of the things I learned while assembling my book. I have been tempted, of course, to venture into the realm of the critic now and again, too.

I hope you enjoy what you’ve found so far, and that you’ll offer a word of encouragement if you find something you like. Please follow me on on twitter @stealingclash, and I’ll reciprocate in kind. Cheers!

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