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I was born in Sacramento, and grew up in Stockton, California, amid the most fertile soil on the planet, on a diet of hamburgers and microwaved asparagus. As a kid, I remember seat-belt-free drives listening to rock oldies on AM radio and, on television, the hit singles from my father’s youth on Happy Days and Sha Na Na. When I was 13, a trip to the UK and continental Europe with the Boy Scouts of America ruined my prosaic musical tastes, and I returned home a devotee of punk and new wave.

While amassing a small collection of degrees (and shortly after), I taught courses in sociology at New York University, Case Western Reserve University, and Oberlin College. You can find my writing on rocknroll at Louder Than War, Popular Music & Society, and Alternative Press. I reside in Northeast Ohio, where I write and edit on behalf of Cadence Editorial Services. (You can reach me at cadence.editorial [at gmail] to offer suggestions, say hello, or make a request.

In the event you’re looking for fellow Clash-o-philes on the web, do check out www.theclash.org.uk, where Mr. W.–an old classmate of the protagonists in “Stay Free”–has a host of nice photos in his narrative of his own life and The Clash. Tim, alas, has let theclashblog.com go mostly dormant, but it’s still an amazing archive of Clash stuff, good and B.A.D., as he notes. Maybe if enough folks buy him a cup of coffee, he’ll get things rolling again.

4 thoughts on “about the author”

  1. I’ve been trying to follow up on the whereabouts of a friend, Jane Hamburger, whom I knew from WPIX and also from L.A., where I attended UCLA and where she also worked as a D.J. We spent quite a bit of time together until I moved back to N.Y. in ’83. I heard she had fallen on some hard times and wondered if anyone has any updates as per her situation. Thanks very much.

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