yer mother’s day playlist

‘allo, sons and daughters (and none of the above)! ‘Tis Mother’s Day, of course, and for FZmany of us: our mothers were our first DJs, selecting playlists of lullabies, then sing-alongs and, of course, the right radio stations.

I’ve put together a tidy 7 tracks today for your edification–Johnny Cash to get things started, some hip-hop in the middle, and The Beatles to close things out. (No Clash tunes here, alas, as all I could think of, theme-wise, was the maternal reference in “Straight to Hell.”) The sentiments include reassurances, devotion, apologies, fascination, joy, and gratitude–the range of maternal emotions. If there’s a track here you don’t know, check the tags on this post for clues. Enjoy–and do give your mother a call!