post-punk gems v. 9 — the virtues of The Vapors

Toppa the morning to ya! I hope all’s well for you in the northern hemisphere, as we inch ever closer to spring. I’ve been working on a new addition to the site, so I’m a bit behind in my review of the catalog of gems. Wreckless Eric and Four Be Two are candidates for future posts, but today I’m revisiting a couple tracks from one of my favorite LPs from the era — Magnets, by The Vapors.

The Vapors, of course, established their pop presence with “Turning Japanese,” and thereby joined a host of great bands doing songs about auto-arousal (The Beat’s “Mirror in the Bathroom” and The Replacements’ “If Only You Were Lonely,” to begin). Magnets, the follow-up LP to New Clear Days, received critical praise but sales fell short of critical mass, and it effectively resulted in the band’s demise. If they more material like these tracks in ’em, it’s a real shame to have them disappear so quickly.

Alas, I cannot find “Live at the Marquee,” my favorite track from this album, on YouTube. EMI is not my ally today, it seems.

Happy Wednesday (Pooh!), and thanks again for checking out stealingalltransmissions.