MLK day — The Clash connection

I hope you Americans are having a restful holiday. I think it is awfully cool that the RocknRoll Hall of Fame is playing the video of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech in its entirety, all day today. (It’d be even better to mix in a selection of class-themed speeches, too, but hey …)

So here’s a clip courtesy of the fine folks at Loving The Clash (via facebook), in which Joe Strummer seeks between-gig inspiration from a tape of “MLK’s greatest hits.” I also dig the cadence of “Revolution Rock” in an early live segment and, of course, Jones-as-punk-dandy, decked out in black ensemble with red tie.

As a rule, I won’t simply re-post stuff that’s widely available, but this clip’s a gem, and thematically proper.