post-punk gems v. 65 — The Judy’s

Wow. How did I miss The Judy’s the first time around? With their minimalist sound, nasal-and-earnest vocals with irony-laced topical texts, these guys are right in the wheelhouse of my musical sublime — and they hailed from Pearland, Texas, of all places (which is not the Austin region of Texas).

The Judy’s got together in ’79 and, after a name change or two, released the EP Teenage Hang-ups in 1980, which in its original design included the track ““Will Somebody Please Kill Marlo Thomas?” (of Free to Be … You and Me fame), but the guy at the pressing plant balked.

Their wicked sense of humor is in full effect in this clip, when they baptize the audience in Kool-Aid. Goodness, gracious.

Check out their web site, where you can pick up vinyl, CDs, and other merch–I have no affiliation, of course. This site is a public service.

Here’s a short documentary you might like, too — punks in cut-off jeans and Hawaiian shirts? Does it get any better, ever?