New Year’s Mix 2014

Happy new year, dear reader! I hope your 2014 is kicking off well. I’ve put together a rebirth-themed mix of stuff ranging from 1968 to 2013 for your enjoyment (artists listed in the tags below). It starts off with The Breeders, then X, and, well — it’s a mix, and I want it to be a bit of surprise. If you need names for artists/tracks, reply below and I’ll get back to you straight-away.

New Year’s Mix 2014 (I tried to embed this item, to no avail. Please right-click to save–or the Mac equivalent.)

Should good news be forthcoming about the 2nd edition of *Stealing,* I’ll let you know. Otherwise, you can keep up with my oddities and occasional insight via twitter @stealingclash. Thanks again for checking out my temporarily-dormant blog!

post-punk gems v. 10 — slacking off with The Slits

good morning punk-o-philes!

The Slits were there from the beginning — hanging out and touring with The Clash on the White Riot tour in May 1977, along with The Buzzcocks and Subway Sect. In Clash biographer Marcus Gray’s estimation, The Slits represented “the first all-female non-puppet rock band” (Last Gang, p. 232). Sub-luminaries such as Palmolive, Ari Up (RIP), Budgie (eventual Siouxsie drummer) and Neneh Cherry passed through the 1976-1982 line-ups, of which there were many.

While The Slits’ Viv Albertine and Mick Jones were sweeties in May 1977, it’s clear from listening to this track — their debut single (b/w “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”) — that The Slits belonged. “Typical Girls” starts off with a tighten-up exercise around Albertine’s slashing guitar and Budgie’s steady cadence, and Ari’s counter-clockwise pivots represents punk dancing at its most democratic.

I hope folks checked out the SXSW playlist from Sunday’s post, which includes “Heartbeat” by the Kopecky Family Band. Do not miss this perfect pop gem (track 6). I’m listening to it 5x/day to combat the seemingly-relentless-cloudy-sky blues that have descended here in OH.