post-punk gems, v. 51 — Big in Japan

Well, it’s a wrap, 2014. Thank you, readers, for checking in from around the globe–rocknrollers from 67 countries spent a few minutes or more here at stealing all transmissions, and for that I’m especially grateful.

Like the best of punk tracks, though, I want to keep today’s entry short, sharp, and sweet. Today’s subject, Big in Japan, included at various times provocateur Bill Drummond (later of KLF, and he once set 1M pounds afire), Jayne Casey, and the terribly shy Holly Johnson, who went onto sing lead for Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Big in Japan — Jayne, Kevin Ward, Holly Johnson (in tie), , Bill Drummond (front), Ian Broudie and Phil Allen (Kevin Cummings, photographer, 1977; used without permission)

Big in Japan hailed from Merseyside alongside Echo & the Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes, & OMD, and focused on the slash-y minimalist guitar work that resonates in some of the most brilliant tracks of the punk era, and “the minimum” was a big theme for Big in Japan: they only produced seven tracks, including “Suicide a Go Go” (1978):

And that folks is a wrap. Thanks for tuning into Radio K-SAT in 2014, and look forward to producing more dispatches for your edification in the coming year. Cheers!