(post-) punk gems, v. 54 — Bad Manners’ “Do Nothing”

Oh, man, we had such a good time at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archive–which has such a great staff, and I know it’s not their fault, but wouldn’t it be cool if the moniker were a bit more slangy, say “Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame Library’n’Archive”?

rdAnyway: if you tried to tune in, let me offer my apologies. There were technical difficulties, of course, and I’ll post here and on twitter if in fact there is a full recording, and it’s made available. I was hoping to show off my two-tone outfit, complete with silver shark-skin jacket, but I guess the pix that night (more forthcoming) will have to do for now.

On my ska/Specials station on Pandora, I made the acquaintance this week of this unbelievable track: Bad Manners’ version of The Specials’ “Do Nothing” in triple time.

Maybe I might have put the horns up front in the mix (and blended in the guitars a bit lower) on that first section, but otherwise, you can just feel the hot breath of the horn section and Buster Bloodvessel pouring through the speakers. I really adore the punk and post-punk revival of the cover tune, as longtime readers may recall (check out this post).

I hope to be back tomorrow with a section from Thursday’s talk–or something else entirely. Thanks for checking in!

post-punk gems, v. 52 — Special AKA — “Break Down the Door”

Happy Wednesday, folks!

I’ve got The Clash on my mind after watching this newly released film from Julien Temple (see post below), and just last night I finished up Horace Panter’s Ska’d for Life, his memoir of life as the bassist for The Specials, one of my all-time fave bands. Is there a better band that only released two LPs?  I don’t count *In the Studio* as a Specials’ LP, even though it’s got some fantastic tracks, including this one.

It’s members of The Specials, of course, with Ms. Rhoda Dakar from The Bodysnatchers (a too short-lived Two-Tone combo) and Stan Campbell on lead vocals. The LP also included “Free Nelson Mandela”–which of course got much more airplay on both sides of the Atlantic.

Lunch time is closing in. Thanks for checking out Radio K-SAT. More info on my 22 January appearance at the RocknRoll Hall of Fame archive in Cleveland soon.