(post-) punk gems, v. 42 — Celia and the Mutations

Happy Sunday, readers. It’s post-punk gem time again, as I gain my bearings here with my Wednesday and Sunday posts.

It’s 37 years ago this week that Celia Collin secured a favor from The Stranglers and ex-Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson to appear on wax as the Mutations for “You Better Believe Me,” the second single of Celia and the Mutations. (“Mony Mony” came out in July.) Caroline Coon of Melody Maker (and eventually The Clash) expected big things for Celia, and Sounds’ Chas de Whalley — in perfectly bad-lad prose — had ideas of his own for Celia. (Dirty Chas.)

The sound, of course, is ’77 thru-and-thru–3 chords of joy at a quick cadence, fun hooks, minimal ornamentation, and just a wee bit of call-and-response. So happy to have discovered this gem, and I hope it’s either new — or new again — to you.

The book is out in the US, spotted in stores from Pittsburg, CA, to Pittsburgh, PA (The Big Idea Bookstore, for those of you in Steeltown, USA). Enjoy!