SXSW 2013 music mix 2 — another 10 gems (and a fun Clash composite)

Happy Easter Sunday to you, and — for you Northern hemisphere dwellers — I hope there’s re-birth in the air in your neck of the woods. Here’s some image+sound to enrich your Sunday.

I found this lovely image via Loving the Clash on FB this morning, and I figure you know that it graced their eponymous LP on both sides of the Atlantic — back in April ’77 in the UK, and then in July ’79 stateside. For those of you familiar with the latter, definitely check out the UK version sometime: there are, of course, different songs, but it’s the different mix of the same songs that pricked up my ears.

Word has it that Stealing All Transmissions in paperback will also be an April release in the UK and down under. More info to come, of course.

On the sound front, I decided to cull another 10 songs from the 8 dozen+ selection from SXSW 2013 bands available at NPR (see here for the first 10, along with the link to NPR). (Click to play, or right-click to download.)

SXSW mix 2 2013

1. Lianne La Havas, “Is Your Love Big Enough?”

If your love is half the size of Ms. La Havas’ voice, everything’s going to be just fine. ‘Tis a shame that Amy Winehouse didn’t get the chance to do a 007 theme song, but LLH would be a fine proxy, if this song’s any indication.

2. BOY, “Little Numbers” (3:17)

It’s all about the digits, and desire, and the mind tricks that commence in a state of longing.

3. Red Barat, “Shruggy Ji” (7:00)

Rebirth Brass Band meets Cornershop? Crawfish in curry? Sign me up! If only all the jam bands were this much fun.

4. Alt-J, “Tessellate” (13:10)

What is love? How about “You’re a shark / and I’m swimming”? What is to tessellate?: “to form of small squares or blocks, as floors or pavements; form or arrange in a checkered or mosaic pattern.” Kudos to the first band since Frank Zappa apparently determined to expand our vocabulary.

5. !!!, “Slyd” (16:03)

Fun stuff from musical fringe, once again. How many bands can claim their name produces zero hits on google? (Oh, their  manager must be sore from shaking her head.)

6. The Very Best, “Yoshua Alikuti” (19:50)

Malawi vocals+ meets London beats = hip shakin’ grooves.

7. Cayucas, “High School Lover” (23:55)

C.’s been listening to Beck–which makes sense, since they’re from Santa Monica and, according to KCRW, are poised to be your new favorite summer band. Look for the LP at the end of this month.

8. Sean Rowe, “Joe’s Cult” (27:22)

So we stay with the So. Cal. influence here, too, as Mr. Rowe’s a smoking balladeer in the Tom Waits’ tradition, and — pardon the NorCal-ism — that’s a helluva fine thing.

9. The Coup, “The Magic Clap” (30:15)

My favorite Communist track (!) in the mix. The Coup’s been around for quite awhile, and are the high profile group out of the Mau Mau Rhythm Collective based in Oakland, California. If Boots Riley needs some fine tunin’ with his Marxism, the musical result needs no polish at all.

10. Bajofondo Tango Club, “Pide piso” (33:25)

Because even in 2013, we all need a bit of disco in our lives. Call this the Stealing edit, since I lopped off the final minute or two as a result of parenting exigencies.

I hope the first third of 2013 held plenty of joy for you, and that it continues apace through April, May, and after!