post-punk gems, v. 70 – Adam Ant

Happy Wednesday, folks! I’ve been turning the pages of Simon Reynolds’ whip-smart Rip It Up and Start Again, and his chapter on Malcolm McLaren, Adam Ant, and Bow Wow Wow is quite smart, and plumbs the depths of McLaren’s depravity and the acuity of his foresight.

Adam and the Ants were his key musical venture of the time, but since Stuart Goddard — perhaps the best given name of any popstar who adopted a stage name — wouldn’t rest comfortably under McLaren’s thumb, he was soon “Ant-less,” but it didn’t slow down his swashbuckling and his Ennio Morricone-inspired sound with plenty of Burundi beats. (Goddard had rubbed elbows with McLaren earlier, in November 1975, when the Pistols opened for his band Bazooka Joe.)

Here’s Adam’s favorite track of his, the opening tune from 1980’s Kings of the Wild Frontier, “Dog Eat Dog,” done (ahem) “live”:

And, for those of you not rushing off to work this morning, here’s a link to “Adam Ant–Stand & Deliver,” the documentary.



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