post-punk gems, v. 69 — The The

Even now, I’m still wary of the digital music services:  I tune into Spotify to catch a particularly inspired playlist, and I like my subscription and stations at Pandora, especially at work. Most of the stations are 80s-inspired of course, and there are a handful of tracks that really get the memory neurons firing, including “This is the Day” by The The.

The The is the brain-child of Matt Johnson–and whenever I’m reminded that he too was born in the 1960s, I think, “Damn, if only I had tried a little bit harder …” And then I remember that the (apparently) accidental tossing of my box of adolescent poetry while I was at college was probably not the tragedy I thought it was then. It did, in fact, probably spared me some embarrassment. I doubt it was a day in which my life surely changed.

With its ineluctable synth riff, and purely 80s drum sound, along with Johnson’s warm and resonant phrasing, it’s one of my favorite gems of our era. (This version’s got a short silent lead, but no commercials.) Enjoy!

Also: here’s an interview with MJ from last year.


Author: stealingalltransmissions

CA ex-pat loving life in Northeast Ohio. Like most of you, I write stuff.

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