post-punk gems, v. 63 — The Clash (on Toots)

Happy Wednesday, folks. It’s a terrifically sunny day here in western Massachusetts, and I’m excited about this afternoon’s talk at Amherst College — 430pm, Cooper House. Should be fun.

I had a good time on WTBR-FM this morning with Thomas A. Lewis, and it was a gas to hear The Clash’s cover of “Pressure Drop.” It’s not a tune I cue up often, but let’s do that now. This video clip is quite awesome, too.

Don’t let the pressure get you down!

Author: stealingalltransmissions

CA ex-pat loving life in Northeast Ohio. Like most of you, I write stuff.

2 thoughts on “post-punk gems, v. 63 — The Clash (on Toots)”

  1. Excellent! One of my favorite Clash tunes/covers. Congrats on the Amherst talk, sounds like fun!
    Have one at UCSB or anywhere in L.A. and I’ll be there!
    The Specials do a great cover of Pressure Drop also…and Joe +mesc do a really great version of this great song. The cover I’m talking about is from the Strummer documentary ‘Let’s Rock Again’ and is f_ckin excellent! I think I have the vid on my facebook page somewhere…

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