Oh, Mother (Jones)! Lefty sentiments on punk, July ’78

A bit late for me mornin’ post, but we had a revellin’ good time at Spillian last night, with a host of folks from WIOX, the esteemed Meg Griffin of Sirius XM, and couple dozen other emisaries from radio history and contemporary radio. (More on this event in a future post.)


mother jones on punk -- jul 1978

I found this gem doing some research last week, and couldn’t get over how dismissive the editorial staff of Mother Jones was Mr. Pitale’s suggestions. I also encountered some lefties in my time who wanted revolution, but they didn’t want things to change.



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2 thoughts on “Oh, Mother (Jones)! Lefty sentiments on punk, July ’78”

  1. I read Mother Jones back then. The magazine wanted to be trendy, hip, leftist, etc. I gave up on it soon after it came out. Tried too hard. Too concerned about its image. Saw it on the news stands every so often – thumbed through it. And never regretted cancelling my subscription. I love the bit you posted. Kind of sums it up. Counterrevolutionaries.

  2. I just read your “about the author”. Funny – I grew up in San Jose. I have a degree in sociology. Applied and was accepted to the grad program at LSE – mailed a postcard saying “thanks, but no thanks” as I boarded a ferry to the mainland in the summer of 1979 a few months before classes began. Not that I could have afforded to go anyway as the Thatcher days had set upon England . . . I was also in London in the fall/winter of 1977-1978 – I wish I’d known you then. I went to the Albert Hall. And Highgate Cemetery. Which might not have been a bad name for a punk band but . . .

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