post-punk gems, v. 57 — Rudi

Happy Wednesday, punkers and punkettes. I’ve got two writers on my mind today, and one great single. Dave Hickey is one of the best we’ve got in the states on art, culture, and democracy, and he’s prolific poster on facebook. Among his recent gems he offered a resonant question for viewing art: “In what social context would this work be considered good art?” And, “would I prefer that society to this one?”

I love the digital age and all its gadgets, but when I get turned anew onto a track circa ’78 a la Rudi’s “Big Time,” I get a certain longing for record bins, a pittance of an allowance, and the ritual disc cleaning involving a ZeroStat gun. (Last click release away from the disc, of course.)

(Not quite sure why youtube is cueing up its “Jesus is Lord” ad to accompany this video–maybe I’m missing a subtext?)

It’s a great tune, with an in media res beginning, and then a more “natural” opening gambit a couple dozen bars later. Fun stuff from a band that barely made it out of Ireland, and never touched the shores on this side of the Atlantic. Too bad.

The only snapshot I can find of this melodic bunch.
The only snapshot I can find of this melodic bunch.


Author: Randal Doane

Living the good life in NE Ohio. I dig science and the written word. Let's build something amazing together.

2 thoughts on “post-punk gems, v. 57 — Rudi”

  1. Have you seen the excellent movie Good Vibrations? It’s about Good Vibrations Records label boss Terri Hooley and the beginnings of the label in Northern Ireland. A version of Rudi features prominently in that film. It came out in the UK last year. I wonder if it’s ever going to get an American release. Big Time is such a great track. Here’s a clip from the moment in the movie that Terri sees Rudi for the first time; Try to see the movie. It is a thing of true wonder and exhuberance. Another great post, sir. You are spoiling me. Cheers from Tony in NC

  2. Also celebrated UK film reviewer Mark Kermode named Good Vibrations his movie of the year in 2013 it was, not last year. Jeez, was it really that long ago? Cheers!

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