post-punk gems, v. 56 — Pere Ubu

Hi folks! I’m a bit late on the draw today, but I’m happy to share this recent interview with The Plain Dealer. While I was wiling away summer days at the public library in Stockton, CA, I used to peruse the reader’s guide to periodical under “punk,” and I was duly impressed with the coverage of the Cleveland and New York scenes by PD reporters.

On the matter of Cleveland rocks, then, here’s a track from initial encounter with Pere Ubu well into the 80s, from their Cloudland LP. (Kind words here by the chronically cranky Bob Christgau.) It’s a bit poppier than most of their stuff, but I sure dug the odd grooves and synth flourishes on a host of tracks from that LP during a summer of sweltering fun in Cambridge, Mass., with some brilliant mates of mine.

“The good and the bad / now it’s parking lots.” Heady, heady stuff. Enjoy!


Author: stealingalltransmissions

CA ex-pat loving life in Northeast Ohio. Like most of you, I write stuff.

4 thoughts on “post-punk gems, v. 56 — Pere Ubu”

  1. I played a Pere Ubu track at Swaim’s bar the other night for their Vinyl Night. It was The Modern Dance from one of those excellent Soul Jazz Records Punk 45 compilations. There’s three of those comps so far and they’re all ace. The two most recent newer ones – double vinyl LP’s again – are both from Ohio; one from Cleveland and one from Akron. Very recommended compilations. I also thought of you the other night when reading a good solid four-star review of your Clash book in my latest Record Collector magazine from the UK, The Beatles on the cover. Well played, sir. Great stuff!

  2. Love Pere Ubu (at least their earlier stuff). The early singles & first two albums are as good as anything that came out in their era imho. I’ve only been to Cleveland a few times (my son’s in college near there) and I’m still trying to understand how/why that city (& environs) became such a fertile musical/cultural breeding ground.

    1. Larry, thanks for checking out K-SAT, and weighing in. Your question’s a good one, and I arrived in NE Ohio 15 years back, and I’m still learning the history. Cleveland’s a great music town, and the funk connection, too — from Detroit through Cleveland onto Cincinnati — is also a good story, I’m sure. Don’t actually know if it’s been written yet. Maybe it’s a good topic for your son’s senior thesis!?!

  3. Not sure how much he’s into the funk, but you never know… Also, now that I think of it, I’m woefully ignorant of Ohio music since the late 70s, other than the late-80’s/early-90’s Oberlin indie/slowcore scene. Also interested in finding out more about the early/mid-70’s Cleveland powerpop scene that revolved around the Raspberries. So much to learn…

    P.S. Your book is next on my to-read list – having just finished Please Kill Me (I know, I’m really late to that party…)

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