(post-) punk gems, v. 53 — Eater

When I did v. 1 of (post-) punk gems, back in 2012, I believe, I had no idea I’d still be at it, 2 1/2 years later, in part because I had scant idea how much great punk (and post-punk) I hadn’t laid me ears on. Certainly, I’ve been aware of most of the tunes on this list for years, but then I’ll comb the footnotes of *Punk Rock,* by John Robb, and discover a band as magnificent as Eater. (And I’m now at an age where I’m not afraid to admit such oversights, thankfully.)

Eater took their name from a T. Rex tune, got out onstage early enough to have The Damned open for them (!), and made the final cut in Don Letts’ Punk Rock Movie.

“Lock It Up” was their 3rd single, from 1977, and didn’t quite get the notoriety of  “Thinkin’ of the USA,” which Mojo magazine included on its “100 Punk Scorchers” back in 2001.

The sound of course is what you’d expect, but Eater held it down, and there’s some real lockin’ in by the rhythm section, and it’s all gorgeous, raw, and imperfect–which is exactly how your band should sound when you’re in high school and it’s 1977.

If you’re in Northeast Ohio and you’re looking for something to husker on 1/22, join me at the Rock Hall Archive/Library for my talk on Stealing All Transmissions. It’ll be a hoot, I promise!

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One thought on “(post-) punk gems, v. 53 — Eater”

  1. Funny seeing the magazine MOJO being mentioned above. I was just gonna say I got a signed copy of Stealing All Transmissions from DM books. And look forward to reading it next in my reading list lineup.
    But I was going through boxes of old stuff to dig up a Roland PM-16 midi interface circa 1980somethin to give to an old friends 17yr old son, who’s into early New Order- Joy Division and turning into a pretty good musician. No American idol crap for this kid!
    Anyway, in the same box was an old CD I’d lost track of…In a previous post I mentioned my sis being a chiropractor and and working with Terry Chimes and getting me a copy of Passion-Fashion signed by Mick Paul+Terry..I’d forgotten she first sent me a copy of Mojo magazine (oct 2004) that had an excerpt from the soon to be, or just released Passion is a Fashion. The mag came with a 15 track cd with songs that that Mick+Joe+co were covered ad were influenced by etc. Wrong ’em Boyo- The Rulers, Black Man Time-I Roy, Janie Jones and Strummer doing White Man live at the 100 club. Haven’t listened to it in years but remember hearing bits and piece from these songs throughout London Calling…and after reading about the book hearing this pretty interesting collection of songs, I started bugging her a bit to bring me a copy. And about 20 minutes ago I find the CD in a box of ‘other stuff’ soon after buying your book and mentioning Passion/Fashion.
    So I thought I’d offer to let you or anyone who might like to dig up ‘MOJO October 2004’ online or a pdf whatever and/or listen to these cool tunes before giving London Calling a full listen to once again. Once it quiets down from the football game later tonite that’s what I’ll be doing!
    And I don’t think I’m breakiing any copyright laws with the cd being freely given with a purchase of MOJO mag, and I’m not charging or making any money with it either. So a full image file of of cd, or all mp3’s or even just links from my mediafire account and you could listen without downloading anything. If sharing the CD breaks any rules, just let me know.
    And I found a digitized copy of the 1984 Quake interview with Joe Strummer. Joe sounds cool, and I get to ask Joe a dumb question sounding like a dumb kid. It was Great! In the old days I’d copy something funny Joe would say during the interview, and make interesting outgoing messages for my answering maching. The Quakes played a voice-over/sorta thing with Joe kinda rapping over whatever was playing “This is the voice of Joe Strummer….” or “…This is fake, this is the Quake..”. I heard these maybe a couple of times but wondered what else they might have on tape from Joe…I’m sure some quake employee has the master tapes somewhere. I made some outgoing messages as a teenager from Joes ranting between songs during the 83 US festival. I thought they were great, even though Joe was full of shit. 🙂 So if interested in hearinfg any of this stuff. just let me know. If not now worries and I look forward to starting your book! How will it stack up to Johnny Green’s adventures with the Clash? -Mike McInrtosh (mikentosh88 at gmail)

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