(post) punk gems, v. 34 — Medium Medium

Thanks for tuning your browser’s dial to radio-K-SAT on this fine, fine day. I figure V. Putin must have received an advance copy of *Sound System,* tuned into “Spanish Bombs” and “Charlie Don’t Surf,” and called up that punchy Kid Obama to talk him down. Let’s hope this works.

Certainly the best thing to come from Stealing All Transmissions is the opportunity to hear key players’ first-hand accounts of making music (and selling music) back in the day. I’ve recently gained the acquaintance of a long-standing member of one of my favorite bands from yesteryears, and perhaps we’ll do a short interview and the highlights will end up here. I’m not saying anything just yet, but Medium Medium, a quintet out of Nottingham, is considered to be a big debtor to this band’s sound.

This catchy ditty, with the characteristically British, semi-anemic saxophone intro, came out in February 1981, and doesn’t technically qualify as underheralded, since it reached #48 on the US disco charts–punk, on the disco charts? Why not?

Medium medium didn’t last much longer, alas, but they’re around again now — see http://www.mediummedium.com/ — and most of the band still has fabulous hair.

Do let me know if you’ve picked up *Sound System*–I figure the $40 boxset in the US (see here–is this available in the UK?) would be a fine, fine gift for any aspiring teenager music fan. That’s less per LP side than we paid when The Clash’s debut came out. Nice work, gents.


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2 thoughts on “(post) punk gems, v. 34 — Medium Medium”

  1. Hi – Clash set is £30.99 in the UK. If you add the £10 hits back you effectively have all but say 2 cds and the dvd of the box at a much more reasonable price. Funnily enough this set isn’t getting much publicity!

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