(post) punk gems, v. 33 (1/3) — Skafish

Thanks for checking things out here at stealingalltransmissions. I’m hoping my book sales may spike once again with next week’s release of The Clash’s *Sound System* (yeah!)–not for the money (which I like as much as anyone), but the glory.

Back in 1976 (or so), Jim Skafish gathered a sextet of friends to form Skafish, which makes an early appearance opening up for Sha Na Na–a show that is written up in the pages of Billboard magazine.

Their first single, “Disgracing the Family Name,” helps the band land a gig on a UK tour with The Police, XTC (when they still toured), English Beat, UB40, and Steel Pulse. In the pages of Sounds, “Disgracing” is characterized as having a “wheezing, tinny organ sound, bobbysox girlie chorus … all the devices we’ve come to associate with every new arty US band from Devo to the B-52’s, but somehow it works, building up to a dense, handclapping little epic of garage rock.” 

Skafish is also the featured act at Hurrah on December 5 when Sid Vicious, recently out on bail following his arrest for the murder of Nancy Spungen, attacks their drummer, Todd Smith, kid brother of Patti Smith. Vicious had made a move on Todd’s girlfriend and, upon Todd’s intervening, Vicious brandished a Heineken and opened up a wound that required five stiches to close. Vicious was remanded to Riker’s Island and, upon his February release, overdosed and died. Mercy.

Okay–the office awaits. Do tune in on Sunday for another installment of The Clash feature in Punk from ’79.

Coda: I came across this item on YT: aesthetic perfection!


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