#punk protagonists — where are they now, v. 2

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend’s going well, and that you’ve got moderate temps in your patch of the shire.

Last Sunday I reviewed the whereabouts and what-not of Meg Griffin, Joe Piasek and — ever so briefly — the equally delightful Bob Gruen, “who gives all his credit to his mother,” according to Meg. (Gruen, as you may know, got his start at the fated 1965 Newport Folk Festival, at which Bob Dylan plugged in and pissed off (nearly) all the folkies.) Today I want to get you, my gracious reader, up-to-speed on the post-Clash business of Clash-de-campers DJ Scratchy and The Baker.

Barry “Scratchy” Myers toured with The Clash from 1978 through 1980 and, like his brother-in-arms The Baker, settled in New York following his departure from the band, and then joined a couple different combos: Rank & File, Khmer Rouge (tunes here), The Tall Boys, and–with Jayne County–The Trash County Dominators, respectively. (Mr. Myers plays bass and sings, too.)

He also added thumping cadences to Junior Manson Slags, formed. produced, and disbanded the TCDs, and then went back to school to study film and video. He eventually returned to the wheels-of-steel, touring with one Joe Strummer in 2002 and, following that fateful December, kept busy at Strummer tributes through 2003. He also got into the compilation business, with Trojan and Sanctuary (see the reggae set here), and staffs the decks at fests at Glastonbury and elsewhere. Check out this lovely mix (he took a big turn to all things gypsy awhile back), and then double-back to find an older set at http://scratchysounds.co.uk/.

Lastly, Barry Auguste, a.k.a. “The Baker,” has surfaced anew and offers his own take on life with The Clash and after at http://thebaker77.wordpress.com/ (he’s in the front row on the left, of course). I’ve spoken with The Baker a few times, and he’s a right decent chap, rich with honor and a war chest of history. Do leave a comment at his blog if you like what he’s up to. He takes seriously people who take a serious interest.

Have a lovely week!


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