May Day with Dangerous Girls — (post-) punk gems, v. 16

Happy May Day, comrades! Finally, *Stealing All Transmissions* gets its UK release (orders are being filled as we speak), and I’m hoping my odd tale about The Clash and their allies gets some traction among my English brethren.

Speaking of the Brits, Dangerous Girls hailed from Worcester, started their own Happy Face Records and,  in August ’79, released their first single, “Dangerous Girls” with “I Don’t Want to Eat (with the Family).”

The affinities with The Clash are noteworthy: both bands took their names from moral-panic-inspired news items and, on this track, a la “Janie Jones,” the track opens with plenty of room to breathe and a reggae lilt. I also dig the lead guitarist’s mane–in 1980!, when the codes for punk had certainly become a bit more austere and tyrannical.

Their most successful single, “Man in the Glass,” peaks at #2 on the alternative charts in November 1980.

Dangerous Girls manages an impressive duty of touring and recording through Feb 1982 (100 Club, among others), and then takes a 30-year hiatus to the day, returning in February 2012 for a one-off reunion at Hare and Hounds in Birmingham. They currently lack a wikipedia page (whoa!), but you can learn more about the band here.

Thanks for tuning in to radio K-SAT, and many thanks to organized labor for creating the weekend back in the day!


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