underheralded gems from the (post-) punk era, v. 5 (and a bit of news)

Welcome back rude boys, rude girls, and all y’all.

First, the news: I’m off to NYC today and I’ll be reading at KGB Bar in the Village on Friday at 7pm — find the vitals here, and do join us!

There’s also a nice review of my book at The Clash blog, which you might find of interest. Tim keeps an active watch on all items Clash-related, and don’t miss the comments, which on occasion come from folks once deep in the camp of The Clash.

For this morning’s clip: it’s been 35 years and a month since the first set line-up of Liverpool’s Monochrome Set. They were a minor super-group of sorts, with members drawn from Adam and The Ants, Art Attacks, and The B-Sides (an early combo of Adam’s). They would, over the ensuing years, release a host of whip-smart LPs over the next 12 years.

The Peel Sessions, per usual, offer up a great sound, and these guys could really keep it complex rhythmically on a sweet, sweet groove. Enjoy!



Author: stealingalltransmissions

CA ex-pat loving life in Northeast Ohio. Like most of you, I write stuff.

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