underheralded gems from the (post-) punk era, v. 4

I hope you’re having a smashing good day, and thanks again for checking out radio-S.A.T.  (Hello, Kenya! Glad to have you in the mix.)

Since it’s mid-week I’m once again drawing on George Gimarc’s Punk Diary to find something I hope will please yer ears. The three previous music posts included bands from the UK, so today I figured I’d stay closer to home. On the eve of the eve of the eve of New Year’s Eve, 1981, New York Rocker listed six bands to watch in 1982: The Unknowns (yep!), Hi Sheriffs of Blue, R.E.M., The Lyres, The Suburbs, and Red Rockers.

The Red Rockers came out of New Orleans, but there’s little southern comfort happening in the early years. “TU” was pressed on vinyl back in 1979, and it’s clear they had been listening to The Clash for a spell. They toured in 1982 with other key US bands making the college-radio circuit, including Translator, Wire Train (oh, how I loved “Chamber of Hellos”), and Romeo Void, and even hooked up with The Clash for a few dates that year.

Red Rockers would make it big with “China“–and the sound is a nearly different language than the one spoken above. It was big hit on MtV, and the band didn’t thrive on success, breaking up a couple LPs later. The bassist, in his next life, managed Paul Westerberg and The New York Dolls. Enjoy!


Author: stealingalltransmissions

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2 thoughts on “underheralded gems from the (post-) punk era, v. 4”

  1. Embarrassed to admit I was a pretty big Wire Train fan for a while in the mid-80s, around the same time I was also into The Call and saw them open up for The Psychedelic Furs (It was memorable because it was one of my first concerts and The Call [stage fright?] performed on an almost complete darkness on the stage. A blast from the past to match yours!

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