underheralded gems from the punk era, v. 1

I’m glad that you’re back, checking out the blog, and so delighted to see a host of you tuning in from the north (CN) and overseas (hi Bulgaria!). I’m simply abuzz, too, to report that the tablet version of my book has been semi-steady in the top 20 at amazon in both radio  history-criticism (not a huge category, true) and punk (much bigger, it seems).

So many great people shared their time and energy to make Stealing All Transmissions possible, and I plan to pay that debit forward, by sharing some of the things I learned that may end up in your next project. In the meantime, though, I’ll share some of the tracks I heard for the first time while conducting this research.

Out of Leeds, S.O.S. morphed into Girls at Our Best!, and released their first single, “Warm Girls,” in April 1980, and their first LP, Pleasure, in October 1981 (in its entirety below). Thomas Dolby played synths, and Paul du Noyer at NME called it “the perfect early-morning holiday-camp exercise record.”

Courtesy of youtube (yeah youtube!),  in addition to the LP’s title track, here’s a list of best tracks, and the LP in full (although it seems the person clipped the end of the first track (?!?). The album is available at iTunes, too. Enjoy!

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CA ex-pat loving life in Northeast Ohio. Like most of you, I write stuff.

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