my favorite US rocknroll rebels, pt. 1

Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope your new year’s off to a gloriously rockin’ beginning.

One of my comrades from the old Black Market Clash site referred me to the new documentary on The Replacements, Color Me Obsessed. If you can handle 140 interviews mashed into 2 hours, and you like your film auteur-stylin’, then definitely give it a look–or, if you too believe that¬†The Replacements were one of the most joyful noise-pop bands of the previous century, then you’ve got to check it out.

I streamed the first hour via YouTube through my blu-ray player last night, and it looked and sounded just fine. There were a few “oh yeah” gems, as different tales jogged my memory, and I especially dug the recollections of the widow (ex-wife?) of Bob Stinson (RIP), which offered a bit more complexity to the usual tales of debauchery. It was also nice to hear more about Paul’s influences (Roger Miller among them, due to “the wordplay”), and that the band had Robyn Hitchcock’s I Often Dream of Trains in heavy rotation while they were on the road in 1984.

Interview subjects trotted out the usual essentialist malarkey — “they didn’t make a decent album after Let It Be,” etc. — but their memories were still charged with genuine enthusiasm and, like The Clash, their fans were fanatic. I’m still on the lookout for someone who had a moderate interest in either band. They seem few and far between.

I’ll say a few more words about the Mats once I finish watching the second half of the film. For now, I’ll offer the following argument:

In terms of US bands:

The Replacements embodied the spirit of The Sex Pistols,
and Public Enemy embodied the spirit of The Clash.

Author: Randal Doane

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